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12 July 2006
"Nothing" is more popular than PlayStation 3!
Technically it's "neither the Wii nor the PlayStation 3 are more appealing", but the headline I picked is catchier. You can see Japanese consumer and retailer reaction to the Wii and PlayStation 3 in this piece. The response from retailers was:
Of retailers, here are the consoles they find most appealing:

65.9%: Wii
18.8%: neither
15.3%: PS3

No matter how you slice it, not looking good for the PlayStation 3.

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--Matt Matthews at 11:42
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Comments on this post:

I don't know, it seems impossible for Sony to make *SO* big a mistake. Maybe there's something they're not revealing? Maybe wiser heads will prevail at the last moment? Maybe they know of some slipup Nintendo's made that we don't?

Can they really be this out of touch?

By Blogger JohnH, at 12 July, 2006 13:32  

"Can they really be this out of touch? "


By Blogger Bigelow, at 12 July, 2006 22:41  

How about Japan? I'd say it just takes another Final Fantasy or something equally appealing to the Playstation-people of this generation to make PS3 No.1 again... they will happily toss their remotes away for some serious japanese schoolgirl-manga drama with ridiculous characters, a pathetic storyline and artdirection from hell... add a couple of half-decent made cutscenes and cheesy music, and the PS3 is sold out.

I don't think gadget-stuff like the Wii can hold it's ground against the hordes of "players" that don't care much for playing instead of watching handsome boys smiling dreamy into the camera, while the players imagine they could be him to get all the HAWT anime-chicks or while they imagine that this dreamy looking guy is their "bishie"

I just hope that the Wii will not be as disappointing as I think it will be. Does anybody else believe they haven't really re-invented the wheel?

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 13 July, 2006 03:41  

Aulbath: I'm fairly optimistic about the Wii, but primarily for the virtual console opportunity. JohnH and rufbo, the other two posters who have commented on it around here will no doubt have different takes.

By Blogger jvm, at 13 July, 2006 10:36  

Well, I really like the idea of virtual console. What I'm most afraid of is that the "greatest hits" availability policy will drop most of my favorite games through the cracks. If TJ&E isn't available for the Genesis emulation I will be *distraught*.

By Blogger JohnH, at 13 July, 2006 15:29  

@jvm: It's funny - my main Wii-Reason is playing retrostuff... (the fact that it is supposed to actually read Super CD-Roms from the PC-Engine is making me all happy just when I think about it). Now is the time to finally play Chi no Rondo for real...

But you see, most people I talked to about the whole Wii-thing so far (people that get kicks out of games that most other people call ugly or plain shit - retrogames ;)) are especially happy for the Virtual Console and could care less for a remote which has been basically done by the CD-i ages ago.

Anyway, PS3 is still the hot stuff in Japan... maybe the PS3 turns into a second Sega Saturn? (a Sega Saturn that is friggin' expensive, and plays pr0n from the internet ;D)

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 13 July, 2006 17:01  

Some dud info in these comments. Firstly "how about Japan?" that survey was done *in Japan*

then "and could care less for a remote which has been basically done by the CD-i ages ago."

If you had actually seen, used or read about a CDI correctly you would know the remote was just that, a remote like a TV remote control with the game controls using it's keys. The wii-mote is entirely different and only *resembles* a traditional remote in it's shape. Needless to say the CDi did NOT have motion sensing and was not intrinsic to the gameplay experience. It was an ill-considered attempt at moving into the living room at a time when primarly, game players were still hardcore only and wanted a console to BE a console and have the controller to match.

By Anonymous Dude, at 14 July, 2006 04:20  

"Most appealing/wanted" polls are often fairly meaningless.

I'm sure many of those said they found the Wii more appealing will not buy one, but will eventually get a PS3 instead.

Just like people that say they are interested in hybrid cars don't actually buy them, and some of the people that complain about SUVs are SUV owners themselves.

By Anonymous Baines, at 16 July, 2006 20:35  

Baines: Good point about polls. I'm down on the PlayStation 3 but I will admit that I'm quite likely to get one anyway.

By Blogger jvm, at 16 July, 2006 21:00  

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