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19 July 2006
Neversoft president crushes LucasArts VP with bare hands
In the latest installment of Pimp my Videogame Executive over at, we've got Neversoft president Joel Jewett who comes across as a real man's man, sort of like a Clint Eastwood who makes games. Just go compare Jewett's responses to those of Peter Hirschmann of LucasArts from a few weeks ago (curmudgeoned here) and see what you think. If I had to bet on which company's got better "Next-Gen people", I'd go with the steer-roping guy drinking a Miller Lite and watching Gladiator with his beloved wife. I know I'm not that guy, and I never will be, but I bet he'll make a better game than the guy who says he's stressing about E3 every day of the year.

For the lazy, here's one of Jewett's answers:
14. In my professional life, the achievement that I'm most proud of is...

Well, I have always described running Neversoft as applying the same coaching principals used with a football team to a rock band. The achievement would be growing the rock band that is Neversoft into a 150 man team, and keeping it productive and motivated. And don't get me wrong, I have had a lot of help from a lot of great people along the way. Based on the work hard/play hard philosophy, Neversoft has managed to ship 13 games in 12 years, if you include this year's Tony Hawk's Project 8. Our team has been responsible for well over a billion dollars in revenue. That's a one with nine zeros behind it. Yep, I'd say I'm proud of that, and I do keep score.
Compare with Hirschmann of LucasArts:
14. In my professional life, the achievement that I'm most proud of is... that hasn't happened yet.
It's not even a fair fight.
--Matt Matthews at 16:55
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