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22 July 2006
I'm getting too old for this sh...stuff
I think I just had my Roger Murtaugh moment.

I picked up SSX On Tour for a song a few weeks back and finally got around to cracking the cellophane and popping it into ye olde PlayStation 2. The art style and the music and the sound effects -- the whole schmeer -- hit me like those dreadful MTV and VH1 and E! Hollywood crapfest shows that my sister loves so much. All meaningless flash and senseless style and loud, loud, loud! Don't get me wrong -- I adore my sister -- but we are of two distinct minds on cable surfing tastes.

I managed one downhill race, saved my game, and sighed with relief as the powered down PS2 stopped pumping dreck through the TV speakers. My eyes immediately stopped leaking blood.

The original SSX was the first PlayStation 2 game I enjoyed. (Ridge Racer V was fun for a while, but ultimately a depressing first step.) I have it on good authority from two sources, my brother cgm and friend rufbo, that SSX Tricky is a good evolution of the original. So, it's disappointing to find that SSX On Tour is so wretched. Obviously, I have aged out of the demographic that Electronic Arts wants to exploit.

You think they'll eventually realize there's still money in us old folks and make good games for geezers too?
--Matt Matthews at 16:54
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EA found itself with a good property in SSX, and proceeded to improve the parts of it that it thought made it a winner: noise, "coolness", "edginess", loud music, "rad" characters. The stuff that a marketing department can put together in a couple of days.

The game succeeded because of gameplay, pace, increasing difficulty, creativity... somewhat more elusive concepts. Somewhat more difficult to put on the outside of the box.

I'm a big fan of SSX too (and SSX Tricky at that). I don't think I'll be picking up the newest one. They haven't changed the game at all since SSX. I can replay that when I feel like racing down an electric hill. EA isn't going to hit the sweet spot again any time soon.

By Blogger M@, at 23 July, 2006 13:41  

I picked up SSX: On Tour for the PSP hoping it would be a nice portable version of an SSX game. The gameplay is okay at best. A couple of disappointments:
-The addition of skis at the loss of different types of boards
-Dreadfully long load times (not exclusively an SSX issue, but I read the same game tips over and over, etc.)
-The aforementioned music
Thankfully, you can create a playlist from the least annoying tracks.
A port of the original SSX or Tricky would have made me happy and well worth the money spent on "On Tour"

By Blogger cgm, at 23 July, 2006 15:57  

Tried the demo of this a while back. All the "edginess" stuff, while a complete turn off for me, I could understand EA's reasons behind. But what was up with the skiis? That felt completely out of place.

By Blogger Dan-o, at 23 July, 2006 17:00  

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