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18 July 2006
Game industry lacks appreciation of ...
I must have missed something because I don't remember this part at all (emphasis added):
We've heard a great deal in the past year about how the game industry is doomed - by high prices, high development costs, overly complex new hardware and an alleged inability to notice cultural darlings such as iPod and MySpace (this last view is laughable naivete, by the by - publishers are obsessed by such things).
What the Hahira is "an inability to notice cultural darlings like MySpace"? Was there some wave of videogame-slash-myspace commentary that swept through the industry while I was sleeping?
--Matt Matthews at 16:07
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I don't get the iPod comment either, the 360 lets you plug in your iPod and play tracks from it in-place of your regular in-game soundtrack. How is that unnoticed?

By Blogger Zachary, at 18 July, 2006 16:48  

ipods are for people who have no clue about technology, and myspace is for nun affluent, undereducated, scum-esque internet users. Nothing that applies to gamers, really. The gaming industry does well sparing us from that shit.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 July, 2006 20:00  

Yeah, thanks for insulting me for using my iPod.

By Blogger Zachary, at 18 July, 2006 23:21  

Clearly if you know anything about technology you would be using a linux PC as your portable music player

By Anonymous jmro, at 19 July, 2006 01:06  

iPods and MySpace are cultural darlings in that they were relatively new technologies (but not original) that the masses quickly recognized, embraced, and bought in to. I haven't seen anybody relating them specifically to the video game industry, but they're the envy of everybody trying to reach the kids.

He's trying to say (or refute?) that the video game industry is too reactionary and doesn't notice cultural trends (or create them) before everybody else does.

Allowing the 360 to interface with an iPod is hardly proactive when we've had iPod adapters in cars for, what, two years now?

By Blogger Alan, at 19 July, 2006 12:59  

Ha, I plug my iPod into my incredibly high tech mono radio. The earplug socket is pretty obviously the easiest, lowest tech point of convevntion interface. Point being that "iPod adapters" have been around longer than the iPods.

And I'd probably say that iPods are for people not comfortable with technology and those who are too lazy or overly "principled" to de-DRM their AACs from the iTMS. LMNOP.

But, um, I wouldn't crack on nuns' economic position. Bad karma. Or whatever register they use to track your years in Purgatory.

By Blogger rufbo, at 19 July, 2006 16:52  

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