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27 June 2006
WarioWare, Inc. - who cares?
I've spent about half an hour with WarioWare, Inc - Mega MicroGame$ and I don't see what all the fuss is about. If I wanted a dozen half-finished games with lazy graphics, I'd hit the games section on SourceForge. I've already moved on to Metroid Fusion, again.
--Matt Matthews at 00:19
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Make some friends and then play WW with them.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2006 00:53  

Anonymous, a. he's talking about the primarily single-player GBA version, and b. thanks for the snark.

I greatly enjoyed both the original and Twisted variant, but I can kind of see how jvm might not appreciate them, a great part of their enjoyment comes from the viceral thrill from trying to survive faster and faster speeds, and if one isn't open to that then I'm unsure if one can enjoy WarioWare games.

By Blogger JohnH, at 27 June, 2006 04:24  

I enjoyed the original, but I should mention 1) I rented it and 2) I was travelling. It worked really well as a travel game for me -- tiny little bursts of speed-gaming goodness perfect for those 5-minute breaks between waiting for dinner, bus, etc.

By Blogger Dan-o, at 27 June, 2006 21:19  


Hype is a dangerous thing. I think you may have attributed something to this game that it never had.

Part of the appeal in playing WarioWare is the lack of mental investment required. Each minigame is simple in concept and makes it easy to pick out what you're supposed to do. The game is designed with short play sessions in mind, kind of like the typical puzzler. Sure it may use extremely rudimentary graphics or even recycled ones from Nintendo classics, but the farther you move along in the game the harder they get. Plus there are a series of longer games that are unlockable once you complete the main challenges - the skateboarding and paper airplane ones are my favorites. I'd hardly call the game half-finished.

I don't think you're giving this game much of a chance if all you're basing your opinion on is the crappy graphics and bite-sized gameplay. WarioWare Inc. was a very unique experiment in what constitutes a game, and it worked quite well, in my opinion.

By Anonymous gatmog, at 27 June, 2006 21:34  

I not only enjoyed it, but was impressed with the replayability. Granted, part of the attraction was remembering what it was like to have disks of C=64 games, many quite cruddy, where half the fun was figuring out the instructions. Regardless, even going back and redoing some of the games to see how many I could get in a row in the Grid Mode remains enjoyable.

I also got a kick out of the mini-games that mocked past Nintendo releases. Sure, the games vary in quality pretty widely, but overall a great game for, as dan-o says, gaming 5 minutes at a time. Not every portable sleeps, you know. ;^)

By Blogger rufbo, at 27 June, 2006 21:42  

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