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01 June 2006
Violence equals controversy? What about sex?
GamePolitics has posted a list of contenders for the most controversial game at E3 2006. I thought it a little unusual that no sex is mentioned in any of the games, aside from the obligatory Hot Coffee reference. Were there no games featuring sex at E3 this year?

For example there is a creepy edge to the trailer for Rule of Rose, which I mentioned a while back, that GameSetWatch described as "dressed in an odd mist of amateur pedophilia". Mightn't that stir up some folks at NIMF?

What about Rumble Roses XX, which is just one X short of looking really naughty? And isn't there another voyeur volleyball game on the way?

I realize that Jack Thompson has us all a little conditioned to think violence is the height of controversy, but isn't it far more likely, especially after Hot Coffee, that it is sex -- not violence -- that will draw the headlines?
--Matt Matthews at 13:16
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