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16 June 2006
TR:10A saved!
Core were a bunch of naughty boys, apparently. Eidos passed the Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary game to Crystal Dynamics, and it's slated for Windows, PlayStation 2, and PSP.

This appears to be the second time they've had Tomb Raider taken from them and given to Crystal Dynamics. That's gotta sting something fierce.
--Matt Matthews at 15:09
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I think you can safely add the Mac to that list. Glenda Adams has been floating the idea of bringing the old TRs to OS X for quite some time. Now that they've waited long enough to go from Carbon to straight Universal Binaries, the 10A collection seems the perfect fit.

This is going to include updated versions of all the games, right, a la MGS?

By Blogger rufbo, at 17 June, 2006 18:04  

If this is the same game that was in the leaked video (and we truly don't know at this point), then it's a bit more than just moving the old games to the new system. It appears to be a whole new engine, perhaps the Tomb Raider: Legend engine, with all new geometry, textures, and moves. For example, the central chamber of St. Francis' Folly now has a column of circular, not square, platforms.

Now, provided that Glenda's bringing TR:L to MacOS X and that this is the same (or a version of) the TR:L engine, then a game based on that engine should be fairly straightforward to port after TR:L was finished (in theory, blah blah blah).

As for updated versions of all the games, no one really knows. To my eye (and I didn't go frame by frame, mind you) the leaked trailer showed *only* areas from TR1. The rumor sent to Kotaku from a Core insider a few weeks ago said they were hoping to do both TR1 and TR2, time permitting. (Note: Core insider? Until we know the connection between the trailer and the game CD is working on, it's difficult to know what to expect.) Again, assuming the trailer is what Eidos has Crystal Dynamics working on, I cannot see them doing a rerelease of TR2 on the scale of what they've done to TR1 unless the TR1 remake was finished a long time ago.

See, TR2 contained fewer tomb locations -- opera house, deep sea platform, sunken ship -- it would actually appear to me to be much more difficult to convert. I think you can take liberties with architecture in tombs that you can't really get away with in an opera house. I'd figure every one of those modern areas would need serious rethinking, possibly being redesigned from scratch.

By Blogger jvm, at 17 June, 2006 18:32  

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