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08 June 2006
TR 10th Anniversary: much more than a port, but cancelled?
Watch this very impressive movie claiming to be the PSP version of Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary, on Google Video by way of Kotaku. As a certified Tomb Raider nut, my heart thrilled at seeing updated versions of St. Fancis' Folly, The Colosseum, The Cistern, and the Obelisk of Khamoon. Lara also shows off new moves which I'd like to think would lead to new puzzles and ways to tackle the existing levels.

The bad news is that the Google Video page indicates the game has been cancelled. Just recently, Kotaku had an insider's report on how well things were going.

In case Core or Eidos give a rip: if this plays as well as it looks, I'd buy it on the day of release. (Along with Tomb Raider: Kart Racing.)
--Matt Matthews at 10:55
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