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16 June 2006
Today's games about experience, not skillz
Back in the Atari 2600 and NES eras, you bought a game and mastered them by rote. The Metroid or Adventure muscle memory you sport today is a testament to the weeks and months spent practicing.

Today's Metal Gear Solids and Resident Evils are more about giving a kind of emotional experience than trying your physical skills. Just a modest amount of coordination is required to bumble through the majority of games as they feed you a little story on the way to a final cut scene.
--Matt Matthews at 23:14
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Back in the Atari 2600 and NES eras, you bought a game and anyone was able to quickly access their gameplay. That an entire generation of boys and girls have memories of Pitfall!, Pac-Man, *and* Adventure memories permanently ingrained in their minds is a testament to the way anybody could pick a game up and have a relatively full experience of those games, and have them quickly.

Today's Metal Gear Solids, Resident Evils, even sports games are more about learning complex maneuvers and interfaces. Not only must one master a ten-buttoned, three d-padded controller in addition to complex HUDs, but great amounts of finely-honed coordination is required to get beyond the increasingly difficult boss battles required to experience the vast majority of today's games, much less the final cut scene. Some games take literally days to complete, and some more complicated online games, like MMORPGs, never end. Today's games are never ending stories, accessible only to those who have mastered the twitch skills and developed the dedication necessary to play them.

(As an attempted proof through representative anecdote, recall how many types of screens you needed to master Pitfall! (or, even moreso, Asteroids or Space Invaders or Indy 500) and then cut loose a Tomb Raider neophyte on one of its later platform jumping puzzles.)

By Blogger rufbo, at 17 June, 2006 17:58  

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