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07 June 2006
Rule of Rose developer interview
Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks Rule of Rose could be controversial this year. I enjoyed Brandon Sheffield's interview at Gamasutra with director Shuji Ishikawa (of Punchline, developer of RoR) and Sony assistant producer Yuya Takayama, and I am simultaneously more intrigued and disturbed by the game's presmise. In particular, the interviewer presses on the question of the disturbing sexual overtones, which the director and producer then attempt to explain.

If you read nothing else, let me offer up this snippet:

GS: What was the inspiration for using the sexuality of prepubescent girls as a theme in the game?

YT: We wanted to depict the darker side of children. Not really dark, per se, but if you really think about kids, they aren't really afraid of the same things that adults are, and often aren't aware of the consequences. Something that may seem benign to them may seem wrong or frightening to adults, but it's really just a form of innocence.

SI: We sort of wanted to show not only how scary adults can be from a child's perspective, because that's been touched on many times, but also how scary children can be from an adult's perspective. We want to see that contrast.

Sheffield observes that they didn't fully answer his question, and gives an appropriate follow-up question. Pay attention all you other big media types!

There is also an interesting bit in there about another game from Punchline called Chulip, described as "a game in which you kiss people at the lowest point of their lives to make them feel happy, currently planned for a U.S. release in October, 2006 by Natsume". With EA telling us they're developing all kinds of new "IP", I really wonder if they would ever come up with something as wild as that?

--Matt Matthews at 23:47
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Comments on this post:

I felt too much article space was wasted on the sexuality garbage -- who really cares what FICTIONAL characters do? It's fiction. They're not real. It's not a big deal. He could've spent more time asking about the gameplay, or you know, the actual STORY.

Mediocre interview.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 June, 2006 06:04  

If you want story and gameplay, find a preview.

This was a developer/producer interview, not a preview. I think it's perfectly natural to ask higher level questions about the development of the ideas behind a game for that kind of thing.

By Blogger jvm, at 08 June, 2006 09:26  

If it's the game I'm thinking of, I think various companies have talked about bringing Chulip over to the states for years, but it'll probably never happen. Not so much because it's controversial (like Rule of the Rose seems to be), but just because it's plain bizarre and unlikely to really reach any sort of sizeable audience in the US.

It does sound rather interesting to me, however. See the following review I found for more details:

By Blogger Dan-o, at 08 June, 2006 16:59  

Yes, Chulip was first announced in Japan several years ago.

By Anonymous Baines, at 08 June, 2006 21:31  

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