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22 June 2006
Nintendo honesty on the GameBoy Micro
A couple months ago I asked whether the GameBoy Micro was a failure. Looks like Nintendo answered my question (from
Iwata: The sales of Micro did not meet our expectations. In the end, we failed to explain to consumers its unique value and they concluded that Micro is not worth the price they have to invest. Whichever hardware we talk about, platform business is the business of momentum. If we fail to build an initial momentum, we will have hard times. Simultaneously, it was the time when Nintendo had to expand DS sales, so we had to put more effort on DS, which were not contributing to the sales of Micro. We have to learn the lesson that we overestimated the success potential of Micro.
Seriously, that's about as straight as I think we're likely to get from a videogame executive. Perhaps this kind of frank talk is another Nintendo innovation that Sony could copy?

Now, I don't actually expect Sony to come right out and say "PlayStation 3 will be painfully expensive" -- in fact, I've said they should shut up. Nor do I think Microsoft will ever admit bluntly "we really botched the Xbox 360 production and distribution". But wouldn't it be refreshing if they did?


--Matt Matthews at 00:28
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I was in the market for a micro, as I gave my GBA SP to my brother when I got my DS.

Reason being, Me and my friends still want to get a proper game of final fantasy : crystal chronicles going sometime.

unfortunately. it had no gba link port. Which was very sad. =)

By Anonymous adrian, at 22 June, 2006 11:04  

For what was offered, the Micro *wasn't* worth the price asked.

A tiny GBA SP with multiple features stripped out, for a price point between a used GBA and a new DS?

By Anonymous Baines, at 28 June, 2006 04:23  

I have to admit also, the Micro was not interesting to me either.

I don't need more than one system to play a particular game. I already had a GBA *and* a Gameboy Player. I think what Nintendo was trying was sell it as a videogame system as fashion statement, coupled with the raw coolness factor, than anything else.

Fortunately, Nintendo's new management seems more than willing to learn from mistakes.

By Blogger JohnH, at 30 June, 2006 15:37  

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