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22 June 2006
Nintendo: better at hardware than software
Just passing on this enjoyable commentary on Nintendo (at I'm still rereading it, but I'll pass along what I think is one of the more interesting claims (from page 3):
Unless the company finds some new and expressive voices, maybe at this point Nintendo isn't even necessary as a software developer. From Gunpei Yokoi on, its strong point has always been hardware.
This of the company that people have predicted, not so long ago, would pull a Sega and becomes a software-only company.


--Matt Matthews at 12:48
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Someone's confused. This is sorta like saying Apple's a hardware company. Well, they were and are, but without the OS and iLife (and Final Cut, etc, depending on who you are) the hardware ain't worth much.

What's Nintendo without the experimental software they push? Mario [fill in blank] always seems to sell well, Donkey Kong Konga (name?) was neat, was the Pac-Man game on GC+GBAs theirs?, WarioWare, etc.

Unless size is the only thing that matters, the Game Boy has always found itself surrounded by superior company on the hardware front, yet Nintendo keeps chugging along as king.

You can't separate the two, I don't believe. There is no hard/soft -ware distinction at Nintendo like there is elsewhere. No wonder the rumors about Apple buying Nintendo keep popping up, if for no other reason than they operate in very similar ways.

By Blogger rufbo, at 22 June, 2006 13:16  

I don't know, that article says on the last page that: "Mario 64 in particular, though not much of a game, was an excellent demonstration of the potential of 3D space, and the way it might be used in future development."

That statement makes it very easy to just discard everything the guy says.

By Blogger JohnH, at 22 June, 2006 14:01  

He said they could have made Ocarina of Time on the GameBoy. I really wish Next-Gen had more editorial discretion, this stuff is embarassing not "fresh and in your face". Giggle.


By Blogger Michael, at 23 June, 2006 00:40  

Well, there was the fan group that was remaking Ocarina of Time in 2D, at least until Nintendo shut them down...

Someone saying they would be identical is only slightly more believable than saying Doom: The Boardgame is identical to Doom: The Computer Game though...

By Anonymous Baines, at 28 June, 2006 04:13  

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