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16 June 2006
Crap! Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Officially Cancelled
Update: See here.

The front page of Core Design relays the bad news:
Following speculation on the internet, we would like to offer the following clarification.

The video of Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition that appeared on certain sites was an unauthorised release of an internal presentation of a game that was being developed by Core Design until very recently. It was running on PSP and used a Core-developed engine. However, following a recent review this project has been officially cancelled by SCi.

Core is alive and well and working on some great new projects, and we are still planning to announce some exciting news very soon!
That pretty much says it all. It's a real shame, too, since that movie looks amazing. What lousy news to end the week.

In other Core news, they've been bought by Rebellion.
--Matt Matthews at 08:38
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Comments on this post:

Well if u update this site regulary you would no that just weeks later it has been announced that tomb raider 10th anniversary has been confirmed. It will probably be released exactly 10 years afetr wich is the 16th November 2006 at 6:02 pm...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2006 14:21  

Anonymous, thank you for not reading. Please see the VERY FIRST LINE OF THIS POST which points to my update. It's been this way for weeks before your comment, so I can only presume that you're in dire need not only of good English grammar and typing skills, but also reading skills.

Good luck, moron.

By Blogger jvm, at 07 July, 2006 15:27  

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