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08 June 2006
Core: We're not dead, yet! Honest!
So maybe the Tomb Raider remake is dead and maybe it's not. By way of the Tomb Raider Chronicles news page, I see that Core Design has updated its site:
Following forum speculation that Core Design is no longer trading, we're pleased to say we're still very much here, so worry not. In fact, we're waiting to officially announce some very exciting news very, very soon. Watch this space.
I hope that the current Tomb Raider: Legend release is the reason they chose not to announce something at E3 2006.

Let's say they are planning a rerelease of Tomb Raider with all the enhancements seen in that unofficial trailer. Isn't it kind of sad that the only thing worthwhile they will produce this year is a remake of the game that made them so famous 10 years ago?

Ok, no more Tomb Raider posts for a week. Honest.
--Matt Matthews at 21:51
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