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09 June 2006
Blizzard drops the DMCA crap
Back in March I posted about Blizzard taking down some guy's eBay sales for his unofficial World of Warcraft guide, specifically invoking the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and his suit to make them stop. By way of Terra Nova, I find that CNET is reporting that the parties have settled and Brian Kopp, the plaintiff, can continue his sales. Looks like he won.

Now if we could just get the DMCA neutered or taken off the books, that'd be even better. Unfortunately, it's going to take more cases like this one, showing how the law is abused by big companies to slap little guys around, to make that happen.

Kopp, incidentally, isn't going to miss an opportunity to make a little more money. He posted a comment on the CNET story with a link to his site where you can buy his book.
--Matt Matthews at 23:56
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i didn't check if you posted the link, but i wasn't able to get to the story you were talking about through the comment. here's the link to the story. sorry, it'll have to be a cut a paste job. :)

By Blogger Maharet, at 10 June, 2006 11:22  

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