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12 June 2006
Akumajo Densetsu doesn't work on a NES
The Japanese version of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, known as Akumajo Densetsu, does not work on an American NES using a Famicom-to-NES convertor. It isn't the adaptor hardware at fault, I don't think. Rather, as JohnH found in Wikipedia's NES/Famicom article, the NES is missing two audio pins that were on the original Famicom. Since I'm only hearing the harmony and not the melody and Akumajo Densetsu has special audio hardware on the cartridge itself, I'm guessing those missing pins are the issue. Reminds me of the time when my Commodore 64's SID chip started to die and I could only hear the white noise wave sound type.

Anyway, who knows a good source for a real Famicom?
--Matt Matthews at 17:29
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From that wiki entry:
These [two sound] pins were removed from the cartridge port of the NES, and relocated to the bottom expansion port.

Hrm, how adventurous do you feel?

Quick update: Somebody else felt adventurous enough. Still reading.

By Blogger rufbo, at 12 June, 2006 18:25  

Next question, and I'd look this up if I weren't babysitting a raving baby, is whether my top-loader NES (thanks, Ruffin!) has the appropriate pins. No expansion port, right...?

By Blogger jvm, at 12 June, 2006 21:15  

I moddified mine.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 September, 2006 18:44  

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