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10 May 2006
Wii Virtual Console Pricing: $250, $10, $5, $1
JohnH sent me a link to N-Sider who (via EGM) gives us an essential piece of the Wii virtual console: pricing. Quote:
  • Wii price of $250 "seems appropriate", according to EGM.
  • Estimated prices for the Virtual Console are "a few dollars for NES, $5 for SNES and $10 for N64."
While I'd like the Wii's price to be lower, these game prices have me interested. Put it this way: for the price of a single Xbox 360 game you can get between 6 and 60 classic games for the Wii. Definitely better than dealing with the sellers at the local flea market.

I'm still waiting for two key bits of information.
  • What titles will be available?

    Each of us has a mental list, and the Wii's appeal will depend on how well its catalog overlaps those lists.

  • Will they be persistent?

    Several weeks ago JohnH pointed me to this CNN story in which Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says:

    It's entirely possible that some downloads might not be permanent, either, making additional storage space less important.

    "We can set some limitations as to the time period a piece of downloaded content can be played," said Iwata. "Or, we may opt to let users play as long as they want. This gives us a flexible business model."

    By "flexible business model" he actually means "yet another way to wring a few bucks out of a 20 year old game". If this is the plan, I'm probably not interested, even at the given prices.
I look forward to hearing Nintendo's answers to these questions.


--Matt Matthews at 07:44
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One thing to note. Persistance may refer to physical presence on the hard drive -or- the right to access/play the game. i.e. they might just flush them from the cache on a drive using LRU scheme, and just re-download next time you go to play.

Or they may do as you say and just rent it to you :-)

By Blogger kim, at 31 May, 2006 03:20  

The first paragraph quoted from the CNN story sounds like LRU scheme. The second part, however, sounds like rent-to-play. So, yes, it could be either or both.

On the other hand, looking at the $20 price for one NES game on the GBA, I think they'll try to rent whatever they can.

By Blogger jvm, at 31 May, 2006 08:00  

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