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01 May 2006
Randy Pitchford: Visionary, madman, or both?
This was certainly an interesting quote from Randy Pitchford in this morning's Next-Gen:
I still hold onto my prediction from a couple years back that, eventually, Sony will be licensing the video game operating system software from Microsoft. Perhaps Sony's experiences with their new online initiative will actually make that difficult-to-imagine step a little easier... If Microsoft can ever figure out how to gain traction and trust as a gaming platform in Japan, I believe that the two companies will rapidly desire to become partners instead of competitors. It sounds counter to expectations at first because we are so caught up in the competition, but I assure you that I could explain why the concept of an eventual partnership between Sony and Microsoft has merit.
That last strikes me as Fermat-like: "I have a remarkable proof, but this margin is too small to contain it."

Unless Microsoft splits the market 40-40 with Sony this time around, I don't see Sony giving up their exclusive platform to license one from Microsoft. It's not just Sony being Japanese and Microsoft being American. Look at how this Wii thing is playing out for Nintendo. Image means quite a lot, and giving in to Microsoft in that area in particular would damage Sony's image everywhere.

Putting aside that factor for the moment, Sony's not been horribly competent of late either. Suppose licensing Microsoft's tech was the only way for Sony to survive as a gaming company in the post-PS3 generation. I wouldn't expect Sony to be clever enough to realize it and save their own hide.

So, what to make of this quote? I'd like to see some proof of why this makes complete sense. How about you?

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--Matt Matthews at 09:44
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I just like the name 'Randy Pitchford'. Makes me think of horny peasants.

Surely it's a joke name...

By Blogger dan marshall, at 02 May, 2006 11:09  

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