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01 May 2006
Quiz: Videogame prices in July 1997
Reading through a July 1997 Next Generation magazine, I was struck by the prices things were going for back then. Since I've been writing exams, here's one for you to test yourself on 1997 videogame prices.

1. How much did each of the following cost? Choose from: $250, $200, $150, $100.
a) Sega Saturn
b) Nintendo 64
c) Sony PlayStation

2. Order these Nintendo 64 games from most to least expensive: Super Mario 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Pilot Wings 64.
(Bonus: What were the prices?)

3. Order these PlayStation games from most to least expensive: Dynasty Warriors, Star Wars: Dark Forces, The Incredible Hulk, Tomb Raider, Codename: Tenka, Twisted Metal 2.
(Bonus: What were the prices?)

4. Order these Saturn games from most to least expensive: Doom, Hexen, Tetris Plus, Command & Conquer, Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp.
(Bonus: What were the prices?)

Answers are now posted here.


--Matt Matthews at 23:39
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Comments on this post:

a) $250 (I got one at the original price just before they dropped it)
b) $150
c) $200

Pilot Wings ($60?), Star Wars ($50), Super Mario (something else?)

Steal underpants

4. No idea, didn't own any of them.

By Anonymous zachary, at 02 May, 2006 00:11  

In 1989 my parents bought me Altered Beast for Sega Master System and it cost 60.00 dollars before salex tax.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2006 11:03  

I remember paying $70 for Shadows of the Empire.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2006 14:40  

I remember convincing the clerk at EB (we played MK2 aginst each other a lot) to sell me his last copy of Shadows of the Empire, which was reserved for someone else. I took it back the next day, what a POS.


By Blogger Michael, at 02 May, 2006 17:28  

OOoo! I'll play:

1) 250,150 (I remember the buzz when it dropped to 99), $200.
(It's a nit, but given that a decade has gone by, inflate those by 30-40% for inflation; for 'relative impact')

2) Star Wars, PW64, SM64 (assuming the brand cost for SW was high, and SM was a loss leader for the platform?)

3) SWDF, Incredible Hulk, DW, TR, TM2

4) Doom, DLII, C&C, Hexen

By Blogger kim, at 03 May, 2006 18:56  

Kim: Answers posted. You nailed N64, but I think you'll find some surprises in the others.

By Blogger jvm, at 03 May, 2006 19:18  

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