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30 May 2006
More Tomb Raider Remake Scuttlebutt
I'm a confessed Tomb Raider fanboy, so the Lara Croft rumor from Kotaku has me excited:
Eidos/SCi are planning on celebrating Lara's 10th birthday by releasing a remake of her original adventure. We are talking improved graphics, new moves, the lot. If there is time, the "new" game will feature a remake of both Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian, but right now the developers are focusing on Lara Crofts first adventure.
That certainly gets the better two Tomb Raider games I've played. Tomb Raider III was a buggy pack of stupid episodes that I couldn't bring myself to finish. I did finish the grossly maligned Angel of Darkness, but it's still not quite up to the standard of the first two. Regardless, I wish they'd at least release the script for the next two games, since they did bother to write all that ahead of time and Angel of Darkness kind of left things hanging.

In other news, the date for the PSP version of Tomb Raider: Legend was pushed back again and again, so I'm still going to have to wait until next week to find out whether it's worth getting over the PlayStation 2 version. You can read that two ways: they're struggling to get a non-crap port out the door, or they're making sure to release it only when it's perfect. I regret that it'll probably be the former.
--Matt Matthews at 13:17
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Comments on this post:

i have to admit i didn't finish the angel of darknes. in fact i didn't finish it because i got stuck on some stupid pole puzzle and i couldn't ever get to the other side. i started playing it again after that, and finally made it, but i was so fed up with it that i never picked it up again.

halo took up too much of my time. now that i'm pretty much sick to death of it though i may pick it up again. thanks for the post! :)

By Blogger Maharet, at 31 May, 2006 14:24  

Angel of Darkness? Grossly maligned? Did you somehow get your hands on the actually complete game? It was rife with bugs, half implemented features, and a near total lack of fun. Sure, I finished it, but not after losing all my weapons except one and encountering a bug so bad it almost prevented me from finishing the game. Tomb Raider fanboy or no, it was total dreck.

By Anonymous alex, at 31 May, 2006 17:54  

Alex, here's my review of TR:AoD. Feel free to comment here. (I've turned off comments for the old site.)

By Blogger jvm, at 31 May, 2006 18:15  

I think the problems were worse than you made them out to be.
I couldn't get the sea crature to eat the barrel of meat, almost preventing me from finishing the game if I didn't have such swift fingers, You can get bandages to stop bleeding that doesn't happen, like I said, I lost all my guns at one point, and the whole money system is implemented just for paris, then totally disappears. Those are sume serious problems. I'll agree that the story was good, but I couldn't get around all the other stuff.

By Anonymous Alex, at 01 June, 2006 12:05  

If we're going to complain that games don't have a good story and then complain when a game does have a good story, it's lose-lose for the developers/publishers.

If I'd had problems like you had, then I'd be more frustrated. As it turns out, my worst memories are of the slowdown in the Paris levels. While pedestrian in many respects, the rest of the game was acceptable and the strength of the story made the other gripes petty by comparison.

By Blogger jvm, at 01 June, 2006 12:29  

There's a tradeoff though. Mediocre gameplay can be saved by a good story, and god gameplay can save a mediocre story. In this case, I has such a bad time with the gameplay, far below what I would call mediocre, that my experience as a whole was negative.

I applaud companies who put good narratives in their games, but if there's nothing to back that up, well, forget it. Picture the best written movie on earth, but performed by 12 year olds. That kinda what I was going for.

By Anonymous alex, at 01 June, 2006 17:33  

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