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10 May 2006
Just in: Gamers don't like to be surprised or think
Jon Jordan is blogging for during E3 and wrote this barely credible sentence with respect to the Sony backlash:
Or maybe gamers just don't like to be surprised, because then you have to think for yourself.

Look, I'm as close to a Sony fan as you're going to find around here. I was considering another launch-day adventure, like the one I had in October 2000 for my trusty PlayStation 2.

But there is a huge difference between an innocent surprise and screaming horror. It's the latter that I felt when I saw the $500 and $600 PlayStation 3 price tags. Then I thought about what games I could get for my current systems using a fraction of that money, and I mentally put the PlayStation 3 on hold until at least 2007. Beyond that cold reality, what's there to think about?

The Wii at $250 is looking better all the time.
--Matt Matthews at 12:49
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Hmmm, I went and read the context of the quote. I almost got the feeling that he's trying to say that everyone feels jilted from last years E3 from Sony, so now they are just piling on the price.

I have to be honest, I'd be hard pressed to tell you much about last years E3 except for some Oblivion coverage. I think there are 2 different sorts of gamers. Gamers who are the "early adopters". Then, you have more of your "Joe Gamer". The early adopters already have HDTV's, buy every system launch day. I don't think they see what the big issue on the price is. Then again, if the system cost a grand and games were $90 each, they'd buy it anyway.

"Joe Gamer" loves gaming. But, like everything else, he has other hobbies and other costs, so he can't drop all his money on gaming. The price point is difficult. Let's be honest, you can buy the $500 system, but it really feels like your getting the short end of the stick, since your Blue-Ray that your paying for won't run at full potential. So, the real price (at least mentally at this point) is $600. This is a ton of money. This borders on a rent or mortgage payment for some. I understand that gaming isn't a cheap hobby, but still. This seems very very expensive, especially when Nintendo systems seem to launch at $200. Then, you couple this with the fact that both of the previous Sony systems have had launch defects that Sony initially didn't want to acknowledge. You add these two things up, and I think a lot of people in the "Joe Gamer" catagory will be waiting to buy this system. If they wait too long, will this hurt Sony (honestly, is Square going to keep FF games mainly exclusive to Sony if they don't have the highest install base?

By Blogger lordxixor101, at 11 May, 2006 10:38  

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