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06 May 2006
GameStop/EB Games liquidating PSOne stock?
I was thinking about getting a big shipment of PSOne games to stock the Curmudgeon Gamer Memorial Library, like I did last summer, and so I loaded up the EB Games/GameStop used PSOne games page. At first glance, everything appeared normal, with well over 400 games in the catalog. Upon closer inspection, however, the 459 games listed boils down to only 93 games available for purchase. The remaining 366 games are listed as "back ordered". Click thumbnail for full size image:

That's the worst I've ever seen their stock. My local stores have tiny shelves with a handful of used PSOne games, which reflects what I see online. Furthermore, a local Rhino Games appears to have jacked their prices on PSOne games. I don't know that that's related, but it makes me suspicious.

Is there any other outlet for used PSOne games for purchase in bulk? There's always eBay, but shipping would eat me alive...
--Matt Matthews at 16:05
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I always found the whole "Back Ordered" thing on very annoying. And now of course EB does the same thing. At least let me know the game is "Back Ordered" before I click on it, or list them at the bottom of search results, or something...

By Blogger Aldus Draning, at 06 May, 2006 20:04  

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