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23 May 2006
Finished: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
While not one of my goals for Curmudgeon Gamer's Third Annual Finish Goldeneye 007 Month, I am pleased to announce that I've reached the platinum tournament stage of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee on my PSP. This triggered a show of the credits and opened up a bunch of extras, so I'm calling this one finished. There are still dozens of extra items to collect, but that'll be something to enjoy for months to come.

Random stats:
HSG Rank: HSG King
Tournament Stage: Platinum
No. of Tournaments: 190 rounds
Best Round: -14 on Alpine course, Short Tee
Best Putt: 48.4ft
Best Chip-in: 268.3y
Best Drive: 337.1y
From what I've seen, this is still one of the very best PSP games out there. If there is a worthy sequel with more courses and perhaps an infrastructure wireless network mode, I'll definitely consider picking it up immediately. I'm not much of an online player anymore (said the still-recovering Action Quake 2 addict), but this is one game I believe I could enjoy online.

To give you an idea of how consuming this game can be: 190 rounds at 15 minutes a round (conservative) works out to 47.5 hours of playing time.
--Matt Matthews at 18:10
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Ah, cool.

Besides MGS4, I thought the most interesting-looking game from Sony's show was, of all things, the new Everybody's Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf in Japan). Possibly something to look for after the price comes down?

By Blogger JohnH, at 24 May, 2006 15:33  

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