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01 May 2006
Confused: Mac gaming is dead or isn't it?
Why is it that can run a story titled Destineer Secures USD$12 Million, Promises More Mac Games, ostensibly in part because they're developing original content, and Aspyr, the company that used to be best known for porting games to the Mac, is now releasing original games for WinPC and Xbox with no Mac version in sight?

Is Mac gaming dead? Until the iPod video takes a swipe at Game Boy, yes, major label Mac games haven't been this bad since before Quake 3 Test and the announcement of Tomb Raider 2's port. Could the Mac be a great breeding ground for shareware and independent gamers? Well, um, of course. What else is new? That's not even a consolation prize.

Luckily I've discovered Wario Ware, inc., which allows me to add a $25 piece of hardware to the top of my Mac and have enjoyable, twitch, quick-fix gaming. Even better than Virtual Game Station, I'm telling ya.

[Update: Found this bit over on Aspyr's newsletter site from 4/20:
Aspyr will continue to focus on 3 things:

1. Ship native Mac games as quickly as possible.
2. Deliver the best gaming experience and best support possible for our Mac customers.
3. Offer even more choices to Mac gamers.

... With titles such as Dreamfall, Spellforce 2 and Gothic 3, we're fulfilling our vision to deliver an incredible entertainment experience to the world. We do not fear change; we anticipate it and kiss it right on the lips. So pucker up Boot Camp.

I'm not sure about you, but it sounds like Boot Camp's Aspyr-ing kiss isn't exactly a kissing off. Perhaps we're to assume putting #2 & #3 together with Boot Camp is not necessarily an undercut of focus point #1?]
--ruffin at 16:41
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