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04 April 2006
User-editable puzzles for Ubisoft's Go! Sudoku?
Could it be that this Ubisoft PSP sudoku game might allow for users to write their own sudoku puzzles? Check it out, from the GameSpot review:
In addition to the thousand puzzles that come with the game, you can download more, though the game itself doesn't actually have the download function built in. You'll have to go to Ubisoft's page on your PC or use the PSP browser, download the files, and place them in a specific folder on your memory stick. Interestingly, these files are very basic-looking XML files. It looks as though you could probably edit them to make your own puzzles, if you were so inclined.

If true, that's neat enough that I wouldn't mind picking up a copy. Besides, I've already got a low-level sudoku addiction.

Anybody tried it out? I'll google around for a bit and see if I can find anything...

And, yes, I realize there are homebrew sudoku games. Who cares?
--Matt Matthews at 22:53
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Comments on this post:

Have you ever tried to create a Sudoku puzzle? Creating a valid, well-formed, SINGLE solution puzzle, by hand, is a difficult process.

By Blogger n0wak, at 05 April, 2006 01:05  

Well, yes, I am aware of the difficulty of the problem. My colleagues and I have discussed it many times around the math department where I work.

Moving on...the larger point is that if you'd like to add puzzles to the game, it might be possible. There is certainly no shortage of them available on the web, and there are programs that can create not-wholly-unreasonable puzzles for you.

From a commercial standpoint, if someone put together a pack of, say, 200 decent puzzles and were able to offer it as a download for this game, that would be rather remarkable. It's not often that games on handhelds can be exploited by users in that way.

By Blogger jvm, at 05 April, 2006 07:09  

I think it would be interesting to hear about the problems in designing a Sudoku puzzle. Care to elaborate there?

By Blogger JohnH, at 05 April, 2006 13:25  

JohnH, check out the rather interesting Sudoku page at Wikipedia. In particular:

It boils down to "good ones are hand-made and ok ones can be computer generated".

From a mathematical standpoint, there are some interesting questions. According to this page, the minimum number of initial numbers to produce a unique solution, with some constraints, is 17. That's not proven, only known empirically, and they've actually produced such puzzles. Amazing.

By Blogger jvm, at 05 April, 2006 16:04  

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