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04 April 2006
Sony online - same bull story for six years
I'm still digesting this long piece at Next-Gen about online strategies but anyone optimistic about Sony's network service for the PlayStation 3 should read this:
At the 2000 GDC, Harrison talked about the idea of digital downloads for classic PlayStation games and the concept of "episodic entertainment" where games are released in continuing episodes like a television series. Comparing 2000 and 2006, we have a hard time saying that Sony has become a sudden convert to the possibilities of online games.
I wasn't paying attention back at GDC 2000, but this guy David Cole sure was. Digital downloads of PSOne games were promised last generation? Why should I believe, now, that they're going to deliver these this time? You hear about all the Emotion Engine hype for the PlayStation 2, but here is a concrete example of Sony promising, failing, and then hoping no one notices when they pull the same stunt six years later.

This just confirms my theory: Germans, wait. Oh, right: Sony's screwed.
--Matt Matthews at 10:00
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