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07 April 2006
Number Ni in Nihon: English Training DS
According to the software sales page over at Media Create (page is changed weekly so go look while you can), the #2 "game" in all of Japan last week was English Training DS.

From the site: "Sales of 'English Training DS' were approximately 242,000 units. Although there is a strong educational element to the game, sales have been strong from the very beginning, perhaps due to the large number of people who wish to learn English in a relaxed, informal way."

Hell, if someone were to release a Japanese teaching program for my DS that taught it in a "relaxed, informal way," I'd snap it up. I know a literature professor who knows nothing about video games who might consider buying it. Do you hear me, Nintendo? Make this happen please.

(Alas, they never listen to me. I think they screen their calls.)


--John Harris at 21:45
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I'm also interested in a private way to learn Japanese. I don't even understand which books might help me learn to read the Japanese that's in videogames...

By Blogger jvm, at 07 April, 2006 22:21  

The DS touch screen would be nice for Kanji training and practice. At least if it managed decent character recognition.

By Anonymous Baines, at 08 April, 2006 01:56  

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