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07 April 2006
John Ashcroft demands nipple coverage in Tomb Raider
Ok, not really John Ashcroft, but why must Americans be such prudes? If this guy has the story right, then Eidos is worried that a texture of a bare nipple you can't see in the game and can't unlock in a minigame will upset people. It certainly didn't bother the Elder Scrolls guys, and they've already got a nude mod.

The puritanical fervor that gets stirred up about videogames is really astounding. I mean, Sharon Stone has the filmmakers add in more sex for her recent role in Basic Instinct 2, and that's considered good press. A stray texture in a videogame however, and it's time to delay the product to fend off the crazies.

Let's have more BMX XXX, not less. Ok, maybe that's a little too strong, but you get the point.
--Matt Matthews at 09:02
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Its ridiculous, yes, but are you really surprised? The precedent set by the Hot Coffee debacle means that if nudity exists on the game disc in any form that can be accessed in any way, no matter how circuitous, then it is a part of the game and needs to be declared and rated accordingly.

If the textures in Oblivion's nude patch were included on the game disc, then they should be worried.

By Blogger Casey, at 07 April, 2006 19:20  

That's kinda weird. Tomb Raider is merely an action packed game, and I don't think there's a malice put into it should there be protruding nipples in her outfit. Ha-ha, that's just like putting nipple covers into Lara Croft's ample bosoms.

That may be a first in vid games. Ain't it? lol.

By Blogger Kurk, at 05 January, 2009 03:39  

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