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22 April 2006
GameBoy Advance Micro - Failure?
Why did Nintendo make these? I can't even find them on GameStop's site. It appears to be about as successful as the Virtual Boy.


--Matt Matthews at 12:04
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If the Micro is already toast, it's something of a shame. I think I would have liked the size, and if they'd given it wireless somehow it would have been a neat PDA/jump drive convergence machine.

Yet when you introduce a new product with what appear to be more attractive models on either side (SP has better size for kids, I'd guess, and bkwds compat -- the DS is obviously the one getting developers' attention now (which I don't quite understand from an "installed user base" angle, but that's another issue)), I guess *poof* is all you get. Heck, my gba is still doing just fine with its Flood Light. Would've liked a Micro, but no good reason to downgrade. Perhaps the Micro was for GBC owners who'd yet to upgrade. :^)

The Virtual Boy was neat, but was difficult to play without getting a headache. The Micro seemed to have more potential play, but was released at the wrong time. Oh well.

By Blogger rufbo, at 22 April, 2006 12:45  

The biggest problem with the Micro is by far the price. At a hundred euros (which is what they cost here), it's about twice the price I would consider getting a second GBA for.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 April, 2006 13:16  

I think Nintendo released the Micro mostly because some hardware engineers in R&D were tooling around one day, one of them said, "Hey Bruce-san, let's see how bloody small we can make this bad boy!" "Jim-san, you're on!" Four hours later they had a GBA that would fit on a keychain.

Of course, at that moment someone from management walked in. Was it either a sense from the manager of how massively cool it would be, or was it the two engineers trying to defend their jobs? I don't know, but there was enough coolness there to get marketing behind it.

In Japan, it's currently outsold by the SP. And I didn't realize it until yesterday, but there are an absurd number of devices that play Gameboy Advance games, and who really needs more than one?

Still, it *is* rather cool. I think that coolness was largely what they were selling it for.

By Blogger JohnH, at 22 April, 2006 13:35  

They seemed to make it clear from the getgo the Micro was intended more as an accessory for the fashion conscious or those who wanted to plug into gamester hip without having to tote around something larger than what would fit on their keychain.

I was deeply intrigued by a GBA I could keep on my keychain because I am a ~serious~ player (currently working on a perfect score in Yoshi's Island) who would love to have a portable I don't have to think about. Two concerns arose, however. The size of the screen looked to be entirely too small for an enjoyable experience. And that 100 buck price was already a good portion of the way to buying a DS, which I did. And I didn't regret my purchasing decision either. If they had priced it like the accessory it comes off as, I probably would have gotten one. Not surprising the SP is outselling it, as the SP is pretty much in the 'sizing sweet spot' for portables. I'm sticking with my old Afterburner enabled (pink for kitsch!) GBA, as my giant American hands can't use the vertical format of the SP for great lengths of time.

By Blogger BruceC, at 24 April, 2006 14:50  

We found the gameboy Micro perfect for our 6 year old to play on long car rides or when we are shopping and need some peace. Nintendo has so many games that are better for kids and we found one used at gamestop for $30. Well worth it, he has dropped it so much the faceplate is gone, but it's still going strong. A DS would have never took the abuse and this has been a good handheld to start on before being responsible enough for a DS. Plus the backlight is great!

By Blogger nrmatth, at 26 March, 2009 23:00  

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