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07 April 2006
Alan Behr warned you about 2004!
As you might have read, Lucent is suing Microsoft over a patent, threatening the Xbox 360's future. What you might have missed is that Alan Behr, Esq. of the New York office of Alston & Bird said patents were going to be big starting in 2005 and going forward. Here you go:
For 2005 and beyond, I think that the shoe that has not yet dropped is the question of patent rights. There are many patents for game-related developments, and there have been attempts from time to time to enforce those patent rights. [...] It will therefore be interesting to see whether patent protection starts to become more of a priority.
I think we have an answer, Mr. Behr. I think we have an answer.

It's also worth pointing out that this isn't limited to Microsoft. Sony's got patent troubles too.

Incidentally, Mr. Behr is quite a nice chap. I spoke with him on the telephone for a bit back in 2005, and even though it never produced anything for the blog, I was very pleased that he was so willing to chat with a lowly blogger. He even sent me a helpful copy of an interview he did with The Wall Street Transcript.
--Matt Matthews at 16:13
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