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10 March 2006
WipeOut Pure, PSP, wireless...a big flippin' mess
I spent about 40 minutes tonight trying to figure out how to download WipeOut Pure maps through the in-game browser. I still didn't get a single pack downloaded. I don't know what to blame, since the error I get (80110385) doesn't appear to be very well known: it brings up fewer than 8 hits on Google. Here's the exact error message:
Save failed.
The Memory StickTM could not be
I'm tempted to say that this is a bad interaction between my PSP and the Netgear wireless access point. I recall having to download the 2.0 firmware upgrade and move it to my memory card via USB cable because the wireless would conk out halfway through the retrieval of the file.

On the other hand, I have two memory cards: a 256Mb SanDisk (thanks, brother-in-law!) and the 32Mb Sony that came with the system. They behave differently when trying to download a map. With the SanDisk card in the system, a map pack will start to download quickly, but then die after about 10 seconds and give the above error message. With the Sony card in the system, a map pack makes downloads much more slowly, makes it further through the download (according to the progress bar), but then the download still dies, but with a connection error, not a memory stick error.

Finally, I could blame WipeOut Pure or the PSP itself. Who knows? Maybe I'd get better performance with the 2.6 firmware?

Regardless, I'm frustrated and going to bed.

Yes, I did play the game. It's certainly better than the original WipeOut, but that's it so far.

Update: Ok, I'm 50% through a download with the 32Mb stick, but I have to be downstairs near the wireless access point. And, since it's much slower than the other card, getting Classic Pack 1 is taking like 10 minutes. Nice.

Update 2: Errored out before hitting 100%. Colorful language here.

Update 3: A comment below suggested turning off wireless power saving. Good idea, and I did have power saving turned on, so I turned it off. The fast SanDisk card still gives an access error and the Sony card allowed me to download the map. Still, it took like 10 minutes to download one map pack! I'm just going to use the official site to get them onto a computer and then transfer them to the card directly.
--Matt Matthews at 00:13
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Comments on this post:

Never had a problem with downloading to either the original 32 meg stick or the 1 gig I threw in later.

By Anonymous zachary, at 10 March, 2006 01:47  

Make sure you have wifi power saving turned off. That could be the issue.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 March, 2006 21:37  

Ok, power saving was on, so I turned it off.

Still failed with SanDisk just as before (in first 15 seconds of the download).

Just managed it with the small card.

I'm just going to download this crap on a computer and transfer it to the PSP through a cable.

By Blogger jvm, at 11 March, 2006 01:23  

format the memory stick in settings

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 June, 2006 23:56  

Did the format through settings, thanks anyway.

By Blogger jvm, at 28 June, 2006 05:21  

Did you finally find an answer to this problem or what the error message means?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 December, 2006 15:39  

Anon: Nope. I have downloaded other things since with no trouble. Someday I might delete the WipeOut levels and see if I can get them again through the game. Sorry.

By Blogger jvm, at 03 December, 2006 17:07  

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