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12 March 2006
WipeOut Pure downloads ... still waiting
Continuing my quest to get some of the WipeOut Pure downloadable material, I decided to try direct through the WipeOut Pure website, where I can apparently get the files and then transfer them to my PSP via a USB connection.

The site requires Flash or Shockwave 8, which wasn't on this Windows computer I have access to for the week. Once it's installed, I have to wait for the site to load up the Flash-only interface. Then I have to browse through to the download page and click one a download link. This spawns a pop-up window which then takes more loading and requires Java 2 to handle a register/login interface.

As it turns out, I'm on dial-up for the week, which means that the above took around 30 minutes total time, and does not yet include the time to download a map.

--Matt Matthews at 22:15
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