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18 March 2006
WipeOut Pure downloads: final post
This is all I'm going to say on WipeOut Pure downloads.
  1. Failed downloads when using the SanDisk 256M card appear to be the fault of the card. My brother tested on his PSP and had the same error. As with my experience, the Sony card worked fine.

  2. Getting the downloads through a computer from the official site appears to be about as painful. Not only do you need Shockwave, Java, and an account (registered to an email address) but you must also download directly to a memory stick. For me, that means I have to connect my PSP using a USB cable. I only tested on Windows, but I have a suspicion that it won't work on a Mac. Nice system, fellas.

    Update: I was wrong. The system works very well on MacOS X, although I could only get it to work in Safari. Better.
That is all.
--Matt Matthews at 01:02
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