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28 March 2006
Vivendi, Blizzard: Copyright bullies
This guy sells World of Warcraft guide on eBay and gets shut down, repeatedly, by Vivendi and Blizzard. He sues them in federal court. Good for him, and I wish him luck. More details here.

This isn't in the mainstream news yet, but I'd like to see it there. I want folks to see this this kind of quashing of a little guy on the nightly news. In the realm of patents, I used to see stories on Slashdot once a week, but nary a peep from the larger media. Now I'm starting to see stories on the political blogs about the broken patent system. No doubt the RIM/NTP patent story has helped put the broken system into focus for many businesspeople.

I hope that the copyright system finally reaches a similar threshold. If the current system, including the DMCA, can be effectively portrayed as the cudgel of big business at the expense of little guys like the WoW guide writer, perhaps we could get some decent reforms. I'm sure I'll never get the 20 year limit on copyright protection for software that I want, but at this point just about anything would be preferable to the system we have.
--Matt Matthews at 08:13
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