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04 March 2006
Tomb Raider: Redemption? Prove it.
Is Tomb Raider: Legend turning over a new leaf? From Kotaku, with emphasis:
It seems Lara is now really into nature ("She would be interested in joining the Sierra Club." Okay...) and animals and less so into killing people (and the aforementioned wildlife). She's also snobbier, more fashion conscious, and decidedly less chesty.
Oh, how I'd love to find that Lara's renounced her murderous ways. Here's the problem: the marketing, this one MTV report notwithstanding, has been just as violence focused as any other Tomb Raider game since the first one. Here's what they were teasing us with nine months ago:
At about the halfway point the whole trailer gets downright stupid. Lara actually does a roll move which kicks a guy like two meters up into the air, where she then shoots him to death well before before he lands. She mans a turret installation at one point. Later Lara is seen standing in a Japanese office building firing a rocket launcher in a room filled with cubicles.
Then just over a month ago, what did GameSpot really like about Tomb Raider: Legend?
Lara's most exciting new close-combat abilities are undoubtedly her rebound and head-stomp attacks, which are both performed using the jump button. Neither of these spectacular-looking attacks actually does very much damage, but they do stun the target for a few seconds so that Lara can shoot at them as she backflips through the air in aerial assault mode--which is bullet time, essentially.
In short, it's got the kind of stylized killing that characterizes The Matrix and Max Payne. That is a far cry from "less so into killing people".

Eidos is putting forth two images of Tomb Raider: Legend. It is full of guns and shooting, but at the same time not about killing animals and people. Sure, I believe you. This can't possibly be more cynical marketing.

And, yes, I do intend to buy the game. Either I'll have plenty of material for curmudgeoning, the game will live up to my ideals, or it will be something in between. I get something I want, regardless.
--Matt Matthews at 07:32
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Just rent it. Better losing $5 than $50.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2006 11:47  

Anonymous, that's a fair point. For my purposes, I'd rather own it, as part of my ongoing collecting of games, both good and bad. I own all the other Tomb Raiders, even though I don't think they're worthwhile.

By Blogger jvm, at 04 March, 2006 11:49  

You do realize that people like you are the reason why they have money to squander on shitty new Tomb Raider games when you buy shit every time they shovel it?

By Anonymous zachary, at 04 March, 2006 20:28  

I am the annonymous poster from the top of the thread.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who complains about how bad most movies are, yet he owns every single Roland Emmerich/Dean Devlin crapfest aside from Godzilla on DVD. I keep telling him "You are th reason they keep making so many shitty movies! Stop buying crap and they will stop making it!"

Same goes here.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2006 14:46  

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