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22 March 2006
Ridiculous GDC quote of the day
More from Next-Gen's Game Developer's Conference coverage. This time, Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac lays this one on us:
He added, "Playstation 3 has more [detail] per frame than any system ever invented, and that is what really counts. It fulfills the public's insatiable demands for more content."
You guys and your insatiable content-detail-per-frame appetites -- you're what's wrong with this industry. If it'd been up to you, Tetris would never have been made!
--Matt Matthews at 20:31
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Plus the stupid assumption that detail per frame equals content. Graphic Detail is not content unless I can do something with it.

By Blogger Troy Goodfellow, at 23 March, 2006 16:17  

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