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02 March 2006
Resident Evil 4 ain't Metal Gear Solid
I just spent 30 minutes with Resident Evil 4, and it was fair. I realize now I have a serious bias for Metal Gear Solid controls and mechanics. The entire time I played, I wanted camouflage and tranquilizers to deal with the nasty villagers.

But, like the Metal Gear Solid 3 demo I played so long ago, I think my discomfort is simply getting into the proper mindset to play a game. Simply put, I have to learn to exploit the game's weaknesses. Once you learn a few tricks, you move around more easily and what seemed painful to start with becomes little more than a trifle. It happened with Metal Gear Solid 3, because I stuck with it, and so it will happen with Resident Evil 4.
--Matt Matthews at 00:11
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