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18 March 2006
Racing Gears Advance - pirate no more
Earlier this year I got conned by a counterfeit copy of Racing Gears Advance for the GBA, and I just wanted to say that I've finally got a legit copy. I've popped open the cartridge and it is as authentic as I can ever determine on my own.

The kicker is that this came from eBay. How could be sure it was real? I asked the seller directly if he could guarantee this wasn't a pirated copy. His response was that he bought it new and the picture he used was his copy, showing the price tag from the store. I figured he wasn't willing to risk his eBay standing, especially since the question and his answer were recorded right there in the item description for all to see. It appears to have worked out well enough.
--Matt Matthews at 20:57
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I was doped as well.

I just got Revenge of The Smurfs for the Game Boy Advance from eBay from catgba. During the last few weeks, I played and enjoyed it (am 28 years old, and a veteran of The Smurfs back in the 1980s).

But I found out something. At first it was a European copy so I thought, OK, it may have a different shape. But upon closer look this week, towards the box and the cart, I notice that it had a purple edge to the connecters (unlike my other games that had a white edged connecters), and I closely looked and noticed that the B in the Gameboy is slightly off and the cart sticked out somewhat and was a tad thick (still went in and worked fine, though.)

I am against copy protection software (I believe that everyone should have the rights to make personal copies of the product they purchased), but I am against counterfeit software.

Anyways, I will talk with Papa Smurf, and find out who is responsible for this mess, and Papa Smurf will cast a harming spell to who ever is pirating this game, and to suffer in hell.

I am a veteran of The Smurfs. And There's one guy who's worse than Gargamel. It's the Counterfeiters who are the Smurfs' new enemy.

And Anyone who harms the Smurfs, I will harm them.

By Blogger JDonahue, at 02 March, 2008 01:41  

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