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25 March 2006
Official: PSOne a dead system, moves to
As a recovering classic videogame collector, I am drawn to dead systems. As soon as a system is in short supply, or can only be found used, it immediately becomes more attractive to me. The Saturn was much more fun to own as soon as Sega left it for the Dreamcast. The passing of the PSOne into the realm of dead systems makes me want one of the little buggers to stash in my Giant Closet of Videogames.

Now I'm faced with the question of which system to get. The original PlayStation, the one I owned so many years ago, with link cable port and standard A/V jacks on the back? The later system with the original styling, no link cable port, but a standard Sony A/V connector? Or perhaps the smaller, rounder PSOne? The older systems are more likely to have skipping problems, but I kind of like the boxy look. The newer system is probably more reliable, but I can't ever hook up a link cable game just to try it out.

Ah, nevermind. I'll just buy one of each. They can commune with the various Atari 2600s I've got around here.
--Matt Matthews at 12:14
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Wrt which PS1, I've noticed the consoles that are easiest to access are the ones that get the most play in my house. So Jakks 10-in-1 over the 2600s (even over the Activision collection for PS2, I noticed today), Nomad over Genesis, Golden Axe on GBA over every other copy I have, NEX over the toaster NES I used to have, etc., even Connectix VGS over PS1 games on PS2.

So I think I'd lean towards the tiny PS1 (with screen even, perhaps) given my choice.

Fwiw, imo, ymmv, lmnop.

By Blogger rufbo, at 25 March, 2006 20:07  

Not a bad idea, getting the LCD. Something I've never seen answered: can the LCDs play nice with high resolution games like Colony Wars and Tobal No. 1? How about games with weird video modes like the emulation compliations?

By Blogger jvm, at 25 March, 2006 20:19  

All PS1s have the link port, but the cartridge/expansion port was removed in the 9000 model (last boxy one). The version before that (7500) would probably be the one to get. (These two models have an advantage over earlier models for Europeans: they will output PAL60 instead of NTSC when running imports - though most people will use RGB anyway, making it a non-issue.)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 March, 2006 10:44  

You know, I wonder if it isn't time to apply for a new usenet group,

By Blogger rufbo, at 31 March, 2006 16:50  

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