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23 March 2006
Mods or Bust
As games get larger and it gets more difficult for a couple of hackers to make something people would naturally enjoy playing, I'm happy to see that the Independent Games Developers Choice Awards has added prizes for game modifications.

Here's the pertinent info from Gamasutra:

The first-ever Modding Competition also produced some extremely worthy winners, with cyberpunk title Dystopia winning out for best Half-Life 2 mod, and ancient Chinese action title Path Of Vengeance coming out victorious for best Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. Meanwhile, unique console-RPG style title Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 1 beat out its competitors for Best Neverwinter Nights Mod, and Last Man Standing Co-Op won for best Doom 3 Mod, rounding out an excellent evening for independent games.

I suppose my phrase "naturally enjoy playing" might deserve a bit of clarification. Regardless of whether we admit falling into the same boat, people would rather play games with cutting edge graphics than not. Sure, I'm playing more Yars' Revenge and Golden Axe these days than Doom 3, but even a Ludological Luddite like myself has to admit a preference for Madden 2005 over Madden 2000. I also prefer playing World of Warcraft with a ph4tt3r box, like those found in LANcades, than the PCs I have at home. And though Doom 3 really is essentially Quake 1 all over again (imo, so far as I've yet played), I appreciate Doom 3 for its impressive visuals enough that it gets all of my fps time right now. Got my first proverbially juicy gib on Doom 3 just a few short weeks ago. Exactly the same feel as my first in Quake 1. The QuakeWorld servers ain't empty.

So if someone doesn't want a potential player to play their game in spite of its unsophisticed engine, well, mods might soon be the only way to go.
--ruffin at 20:15
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