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08 March 2006
I'm officially numb to Silent Hill
Does this supposedly-disturbing image on Ain't It Cool News really give people the creeps? Does it strike you as particularly gripping for a movie poster? I thought it seemed weak, just part of the usual Silent Hill imagery, and wondered if it perhaps would be more interesting in motion. I am more disturbed by how Silent Hill creatures move than what they look like when they're stationary. Like that scene from Silent Hill 2 where three creatures were tangled up like a menage-a-trois made of seven legs, three torsoes, and no heads.
--Matt Matthews at 22:53
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Yeah, I don't really see the big deal. Silent Hill creatures aren't creepy at all, really, it's their movement that adds to the creepiness.

You ever see that Art of Silent Hill video (don't recall which one, Fu-Ku-Ro or Ki-No-Ko) with that showed the legs slowly stretching and climbing up the walls? The legs weren't creepy looking, but the movement was creepy. Likewise with the floating boxes that would switch positions.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 March, 2006 23:04  

Well, this is Ain't It Cool News we're talking about. They'll hype anything a big company wants them to hype. Didn't they go crazy, ahead of time, for each of Episodes I, II and III?

By Blogger JohnH, at 09 March, 2006 00:37  

"I am more disturbed by how Silent Hill creatures move"

Not to mention how they sound when they move!

By Blogger Casey, at 10 March, 2006 00:46  

i agree with you guys, but you also have to take into account that it's supposed to be a real person there. it's supposed to give you the creeps just looking at it. all part of the hype i know. really all it does for me is get me super excited. i remember when i played silent hill for the first time many moons ago. i screamed my ass off so much i told my husband they HAD to make a movie out of it. took them long enough. :)

By Blogger Maharet, at 10 March, 2006 11:21  

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