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01 March 2006
Give me a sleeping PlayStation 3
Dear console makers:

When you design your new hardware, please consider my humble request. Being a busy person with a family, I get to play games in short bursts of 15-45 minutes, with an occasional 2 hour or longer marathon (so to speak). Since my time is limited, it's a real drag to sit through 4 minutes watching my console boot up, load a saved game, and then load some more.

On the other hand, I can pick up my sleeping PSP and be back into a game of golf in under 15 seconds.

How about we see some of that good stuff in the PlayStation 3 or Revolution?

I'd also like a cookie.

--Matt Matthews at 23:40
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Me likey cookies!
Me likey cookies!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2006 10:36  

At different game sites, I've reviewed and responded to games from the dad-with-limited-time perspective. And I've found that it's not just dad's who have 15-30 minutes to play. I've not played games because they took too long to load, some of them quite good games (Gothic for example). BF2 is the worst recent offender. It's not worth starting up.

By Blogger Gary, at 06 March, 2006 12:56  

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