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25 March 2006, ... same thing
The two big game sellers, GameStop and EB Games, are really the same company now. It appears that online they now refer to the same stock, as shown in the screenshots below.

I was considering another big haul of used PSOne games and this is the result of comparing what each store had in stock now. If you check availability, both stores report that they have 320 titles in stock and 602 on back-order. Now I wonder if CAG15 and CAG16 discount codes still work...
--Matt Matthews at 14:34
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I went into both a gamestop and an eb last week hoping to find something of interest. Not only did they not have the new games in stock I had wanted to get (something EB was usually pretty good about when it owned... itself) but I was dismayed over the lack of PC titles. The EB store had one pillar of PC titles and no wall space at all! WTF? I am just glad online distribution is finally picking up. Maybe we can leave this who f'd distribution system of behind. Of course we will just be paying for prominent marketing space vs. prominent shelf space... so maybe it won't change anything after all. =P

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 March, 2006 15:22  

<-- Bah. Had anonymous checked.

By Anonymous Unk, at 25 March, 2006 15:25  

I hear ya unk, our EB Games is the same way with PC games. Oh, a word of advice for new release searches: Wal-mart is an awful place to look for games that have just hit the market, at least around here. It's not uncommon for a big title to be delayed for up to two weeks before Wal-Mart gets them on its shelves, and sometimes it doesn't hit ever. K-Mart, on the other hand, if it gets it at all, will consistently gets it in on release day.

Hey, no laughing at me, buying games from department stores! In Statesboro Georgia, you get 'em where you find them.

By Blogger JohnH, at 26 March, 2006 05:06  

random anecdote...

I hadn't been in a game store in a long time (generally either buy my games online or from Frys on sale), but on a whim, I went into a Gamestop a couple weeks ago.

I was dismayed at the over-emphasis on used games. The walls were pretty much lined with used game cases, and the store employees were trying the hard-sell routine on the used stuff. Like the first poster also mentioned, I think I saw one tiny little rack for PC games, gathering dust.

I realize they make their money on the used game market, but geeze, it practically felt like I was at a pawn shop. Ugg!

By Blogger Dan-o, at 26 March, 2006 13:32  

A couple of years ago, there was word (or at least rumor) that EB was going to phase out PC games other than the big name titles. The saved space to be used for more profitable console games.

By Anonymous Baines, at 26 March, 2006 20:34  

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