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04 March 2006
Commercial (arcade-only?) Pinball Simulator
A post over at GameSetWatch informs us that, at long, long last, someone is doing the obvious thing: selling a *legal*, Visual Pinball-based set of recreations of actual Bally/Williams pinball tables, including Funhouse, Attack From Mars and Medieval Madness. It's a shame that it doesn't have more of their classic 90s tables in the set, but considering how many of those were licensed, it could well be a nightmare to get the rights to all of them to sell remakes of the likes of Addams Family or Twilight Zone.

But then, Theatre of Magic has no licensing issues, so where is it? I'm sure there's also some compilation stinginess in there as well, especially since a pittance of their tables have already computer remakes that aren't represented here (among them Creature From The Black Lagoon and Tales of the Arabian Nights).

Hmm.... Looking at Ultracade's web site brings up the discouraging possibility that, since they're an arcade company, that this simulator will be for arcades only, which would suck, both figuratively (for it would be lame: a physical pinball table is always cooler than a video one, and if you're in an arcade you might as well have an actual table to jostle around) and literally (because it would suck in quarters away from the actual tables, many of which are still in service, and hasten their eventual exit from arcades).
--John Harris at 19:31
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Well, it still wouldn't literally suck, unless it was using air pressure to move quarters away from the other machines :)

By Blogger Casey, at 05 March, 2006 00:21  

Casey, you're evidently unaware of the special extra vacuum attachment of their new machine.

By Blogger JohnH, at 05 March, 2006 00:30  

Not that I disapprove or approve of this kind of thing (actually, I only really care about this since I've worked on many of the real machines), but you can pretty much play any of those 90's machine and beyond by downloading Visual Pinball and a thing called pinMame (Mame that uses the original pinball machine roms), and somehow combo them together.

Most of the file you need to get this going are available somehow through this site:

By Blogger SDS, at 07 March, 2006 14:56  

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