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13 February 2006
The local university now has a wireless network that engulfs most of downtown, barging into the off-campus coffeeshop where I am now. There are places nearby where I can pick up 8-10 WiFis, and recently squatted bytes at a Quinznos Sub, assumedly from a nearby apartment building. WiFi is quickly showing up everywhere there's urbanity (har), and that's not even considering Blackberrys, cell phones with digital features over the "voice" network, and whatever the heck that jive is that's supposed to replace 802.11(lmnop).

So how long before we have World of Warcraft on our PSPs? I was thinking I could likely walk for a square mile or so downtown playing if I could figure out how to carry my laptop (Typing of the Dead, anyone?) around with me.

So what's the closest we have to WoW on PSP now? McDonalds and Nintendo DS? How long before we have impressively multiuser online portable games? How long before reality space is commodified to the point it's nothing but a building block for our virtual travel?
--ruffin at 18:29
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I agree. What is holding us back? It is definately not the technology. Perhaps the Business behind the technology? More likely the business behind the business behind the technology.

Years ago we went around the internet with our little CPUs hacking away with our ASCII at computer generated ASCII or other peoples ASCII and we had a blast. Sure we dreamt with going sprite the diablo way and went absolutely crazy at the prospect of going poly. But all in all we had fun.

Now that the CPUs and GPUs in out pockets outsmart those we had in our living rooms, giving us a hand full of full hands, full of polygons on the go, what is stopping us from trecking across our world with some or other multiplayer World Of Wonder between our fingers.

Perhaps we wont have the gorgeous graphics or the customizable UI or the typoful text conversations unless we are willing to painfully play alphabet hide and seek. But we would be willing o trade all that for the chance to keep tabs on our little worlds of fun, fuss with out equipment, collect our whatevers and have some good clean fun on the go.

The controls you say? I remember the days A-B-DPad and some really wonderful thing that people came up with. What makes you think we cant make do with 10 buttons and an analog?

The future is here, it is now. You can do it and we want it. Or are you afraid that we will say WOW! "I dont need to buy any more games"... doesnt that depend on what other games you give us then?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2006 16:52  

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