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23 February 2006
Would you like some titillation with your news? (Also: Tecmo finances!)
I really didn't expect the upskirt panty-peek that you get when you head over to to read about Tecmo's finances. (You've been warned.) From GameSpot or IGN, perhaps, but not Next-Gen. I guess I'll have to start filtering images again.

On the substance of the article, Tecmo comes across pretty poorly. Why were they down last quarter? Well, Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360 was delayed and Monster Rancher 5 for PlayStation 2 didn't do well either. Here's an idea: don't sell the same blooming game four or five times in a row. Try something new. This Tokobot might be good, but Tecmo made it for the system just ahead the N-Gage in sales, the sad little PSP.

Faced with these results, what will Tecmo do? Focus on mobile games, online games, and pachinko. You read that right: pachinko. Good luck, guys.

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--Matt Matthews at 12:37
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Comments on this post:

It should be noted that pachinko is a huge business in Japan.

That is all.

By Blogger SDS, at 23 February, 2006 21:38  

It may be a huge business there, but to me it reads like "forget you guys, this videogame stuff is too hard!"

By Blogger jvm, at 23 February, 2006 22:13  

"These are the figures. But first... THE GIRLS!"

(as a chorus line of scantially-clad young misses run out, a song begins that sounds suspicously like the one in Citizen Kane....)

By Blogger JohnH, at 24 February, 2006 00:51  

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