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28 February 2006
What Resident Evil 4 has to fear
Since Saturday night I've had this copy of Resident Evil 4 sitting here, ready to go into ye olde PlayStation 2. I haven't even cracked the shrinkwrap. Why? Simply put, I'm still totally hooked on Pool of Radiance, the D&D RPG from 1988.

Believe it or not, I've chosen this:over this:
I promise I'll get to RE4 before the weekend, but it's just so blasted easy to drop into Pool of Radiance for half an hour of exploration.
--Matt Matthews at 23:11
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RE4 is so good. I recall exactly the layout of the level depicted in that screenshot.

By Anonymous zachary, at 01 March, 2006 00:04  

How disappointed you will be when you have ripped the wrapping, played a few hours and in the end will still go back to Pool of Radiance.

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 01 March, 2006 02:48  

Oh, and read this:

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 01 March, 2006 02:52  

Aulbath, I actually saw that post on ToaSE the other day and avoided it because I was worried it'd be spoilerific. Ask me if I remembered to go back and read it when I'm done with RE4.

By Blogger jvm, at 01 March, 2006 06:54  

Will do, will do.

Text sure is spoilerrific (which is no real trouble though, as the story and it's twists in RE4 make no real sense whatsoever), but I find it to be an awesome text, because I wrote something VERY similar last November in some german board, and got heaviley flamed for it (which is okay for me, cause people = shit).
But anyway, this game has some drawbacks and flaws, and yet everybody loves it in a way that it doesn't deserve.

But it's great to know that there exist people that don't think of RE4 as the best thing happening to mankind since sliced bread.
Anyway, I will get back to you when you report on the completion of RE4.

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 01 March, 2006 10:49  

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