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17 February 2006
PSP ... Xbox 360 ... same thing
Finally got around to reading some Slashdot today and ran into an Xbox 360 owner saying this:
I own a 360. I like the console a lot. There's definitely a dearth of good games right now, but there are at least two that I really want coming out next week, and I did really enjoy some of the ones I got at launch.
Put "PSP" in the place of "360" and I think the statement is still true for a lot of people, myself included.

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--Matt Matthews at 21:41
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Yeah, Grand Theft Auto: LCS, Lumines, Exit, Burnout: Legends, Hot Shots Golf, Metal Gear Acid, Wipeout Pure, SOCOM...
I haven't been able to complete them all, and I don't even have SOCOM yet.

By Anonymous zachary, at 19 February, 2006 03:59  

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