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05 February 2006
Pool of Radiance - Clearing Slums, Old Rope Guild
I spent a good deal of time today playing through the beginning of Pool of Radiance, the classic AD&D game by SSI. For my own purposes, I mapped the Old Rope Guild in the monster-infested slums of the city Phlan. You cannot use the overhead map when playing this part, so someone else might find it helpful. Click the small version below for a full-sized PNG:
Or you can have a shiny PDF version.

Initially, I was very unhappy with the keyboard controls, but a bit of patience has paid off in this regard. It's really impressive what they were able to do when they couldn't assume everyone had a mouse: most commands are one-key shortcuts. They did assume that everyone had a numeric keypad, so vertical menus that are navigated with 1 and 7 aren't intuitive on a laptop.
--Matt Matthews at 01:16
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