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24 February 2006
"Nintendo has always been the highest risk-taker of all the companies"
The claim that "Nintendo has always been the highest risk-taker of all the companies" was made by Nintendo's VP of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, in an interview published today at Next-Gen. This from the company that's published over 20 Pokemon games, 8 Mario Party games, and 5 Mario Kart games. For every risky game like Nintendogs or Warioware, Nintendo puts out 9 sequels and one remake of an old game on a new platform. If this qualifies as "highest-risk taker", then this whole videogames thing is doomed. Doomed!


--Matt Matthews at 09:49
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The DS and the Virtua Boy seemed pretty risky. As did the bizzare n64 controller, and sticking with carts past their prime. Hell, I think invalidating GBA multiplayer on the DS was a risky move.

By Anonymous zachary, at 24 February, 2006 11:15  

Since when are bad decisions classified as risks? Sticking with carts, the terrible N64 controller design? Those are mistakes not risks.

The risk would be jumping to a disc platform with the N64, and they didn't take it.

By Anonymous jmro, at 24 February, 2006 14:03  

I'm confused. Doesn't jmro usually slam my statements?

Hey, jmro, over here! You missed!

By Blogger jvm, at 24 February, 2006 14:22  

Relatively speaking, though, what risk has Sega, Microsoft or Sony taken that compares to Virtua Boy, the DS, the Revolution Controller, the original Gameboy, the N64 controller, etc.

The Sega CD? Turbografx beat you there! PSP?! Welcome to 1989! Shit, NEC beat you there, too with the TurboDuo! At least Microsoft pushed online gaming in a big way, but it't not like they invented it.


By Blogger Michael, at 24 February, 2006 20:21  



By Blogger Michael, at 24 February, 2006 20:22  

What michael said, canuck.

By Anonymous zachary, at 24 February, 2006 21:00  

George Clooney has been quoted as saying something to the effect of "I take the blockbuster roles, because it allows me to do movies like 'Good Night and Good Luck.'"

How is Nintendo any different with making sequels to popular games, esp. if it allows them to take "risks"?

By Anonymous cgm, at 24 February, 2006 23:01  

Their systems are what is risky, they are the biggest innovators in the industry! Remember the game boy? It was groundbreaking back when it first launched, and yes they've made a hundred copies of it since, but hey that is just smart marketing. Virtualboy, the N64, Wii, and DS were all major changes and paradigm shifts in the gaming industry. They took risks and rarely failed *cough* virtual boy *cough* The first system to use force feedback? N64. The first first party wirless controller which didn't suck? Wavebird. Crazy ass controller design the likes of which hadn't been seen before and before it launched everyone was like WTF? N64 trident. All of these products paid off for the big N with the exception of the VB. The SNES was the first console I ever knew to go online and offer online multiplayer!

If your not educated then don't be hating on Nintendo!

By Blogger Justin, at 09 February, 2008 21:48  

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